Date: November 2018
Location:700 Butterfield Rd,, Mundelein, IL 60060, USA

Here in the Chicago North Suburbs, it’s unusual to have a well-established business put in a game room. It is even more unusual for an established business to put in a game room with pinball, but Hitz Pizza and Sports Bar in Mundelein has done just that.

Hitz Pizza & Sports Bar in Mundelein
Hitz Pizza & Sports Bar in Mundelein

Hitz is known in our area for their thin crust pizza but they also have pan pizza, Chicago-style deep dish, and also their ‘double-decker’ pizza. The most common comment about Hitz’s pizza is the generous amount of toppings and slightly sweet taste to the crust.

Pizza, drinks and good times
Pizza, drinks and good times

In addition to pizza they have a full menu of sandwiches and Italian-style dinners. I heard a rumor that there are healthy things such as salad on the menu but cannot confirm this.

It's not all pizza, but...
It’s not all pizza, but…

Terri and I have gone several times with friends to Hitz for their Monday night bar bingo and half-price pizza. Terri’s actually won a bingo round- a hat that she calls her “Blingo” hat. On any given Monday night there are 9 rounds of bingo led by an amusing caller that makes the bingo games come alive in a way that we find very entertaining.

Promo for Bingo at Hitz
Promo for Bingo at Hitz
The winning card and prize
The winning card and prize

The most recent Monday when we were leaving from Monday night Bar Bingo- we spotted Hitz’s brand new game room. All of the machines were sitting there gleaming, just waiting to swallow some of our hard-earned money.

In the game room there are a couple of video games, a claw machine, an old-school Super Chexx dome stick hockey game and two pinballs: Stern’s CSI and Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines.

Stern's CSI at Hitz Pizza & Sports Bar
Stern’s CSI at Hitz Pizza & Sports Bar
Stern's Terminator 3 at Hitz Pizza & Sports Bar
Stern’s Terminator 3 at Hitz Pizza & Sports Bar

The pinballs are in good-to-average condition – I would say that they could use a bit of a cleaning and a couple of light bulbs replaced, but all of the features work. They are both set on $1 per game pricing, with reasonable and attainable free game thresholds. It would appear that they are owned by an amusement company and not by Hitz.

Hitz has always been a fun and entertaining place – made more so with their new game room. If you are in the area, I’d suggest that you stop in and give them a visit.

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